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Bauhaus principles that are still used in today’s contemporary and functional designs

Form follows function. According to this idea, simple but elegant geometric shapes were designed based on the intended function or purpose of a bu... >

LED Lights vs. Incandescent Lights

If you’re hesitant to make the switch to energy-efficient LEDs, you’re not alone. Thanks to advances in LED technology, you no longer have to sacr... >

Colour Psychology: How does it work?

Colour psychology is a bit more complex than simply ‘red means love’ or ‘green corresponds with greed.’ While it’s true that some people might mak... >

How a metal with a memory will shape our future on Mars

A rover on the Moon has metal wheels that can flex around rocky obstacles, then reshape back to their original form. On Earth, surgeons install ti... >

Less waste

At aiconik, one of our design criteria is sustainability. It is our belief that the materials of the future are, first and foremost, sustainable. ... >

Craft and technology working hand in hand

Technology is an essential element in product design, simplifying the manufacturing process helping to save time and cost. At aiconik, we embrace n... >